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Issue 193

Issue 193

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We stare into the sun with Nicolai Howalt in Light Break; go logging in the wilds of Washington State with Larry Fink in Opening the Sky; spend 83 nights in Dubai with Olivia Arthur in Stranger; consider The Interior and the Exterior in the work of Hannah Collins; explore the importance of Water with Edward Burtynsky, and examine Casper Sejersen’s photographic essay Belongs to Joe in response to Lars von Trier’s film script for Nymphomaniac.

We also pair Tereza Zelenkova’s 2 + 2 = 5 with a newly commissioned story from Oliver Shamlou in this issue’s Crude Metaphors; talk to Alistair Hicks, Senior Curator for the Deutsche Bank corporate art collection; delve into the auction world with Lou Proud; re-examine the legacy of Robert Capa and launch Talking Pictures with Erik van der Weijde, along with much much more.

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