Issue 211 — Shooting Mum and Dad

In Issue 211: Shooting Mum and Dad we explore the first, and arguably most important, relationship for most people – our relationship with our parents and how that intimacy, or lack of, has shaped us as individuals, both physically and psychologically.

Portfolios include the work of Richard Billingham, Sage Sohier, Mohamed Hassan, Mitch Epstein, Anna Fox, Mary Frey, Judith Black, Ronan McCall, Deanna Dikeman, Esther Teichmann, Paul Graham, Christopher Anderson, Mark Steinmetz, Lydia Goldblatt and Oliver Woods, alongside an extended Q&A. The Crude Metaphors section, featuring a short story by Melissa DeWitt and photographs by Barbara Bosworth, continues with the theme. Plus reviews of four newly released photo books.

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