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Issue 191

Issue 191

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We get tied up in knots over Nobuyoshi Araki's Marvelous Tales of Black Ink; look back at William Klein's 1952 experiments with abstraction in Black + Light; take lyrical journeys across the United States with Alec Soth in Songbook and with Mike Brodie in Tones of Dirt and Bone; question the media's grip on reality in Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt's Wikiland; wonder about the serendipity of envelopes in Peter Piller's Umschläge; and marvel at the hedonism of 1970s New York and its most famous night spot with Tod Papageorge in Studio 54.

We also pair Federico Clavarino Italia O Italia with a specially commissioned short story from Joe Ahearne; talk to the founder of Photo London, Michael Benson; look into how one starts collecting photography with Tristan Lund; and much more.

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