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Issue 190

Issue 190

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We journey to the village of Pikin Slee with Viviane Sassen; head out West with Gregory Halpern in Purple Majestic Majesties; travel back in time to the weddings of post-war London with Stephen Gill in Hackney Kisses; explore a seedy underworld with Mayumi Hosokura in Crystal Starlight Love; examine Peter Watkins's darkly moving series The Unforgiving; ask what qualifies something as a photograph with Richard Caldicott and look back to the little leauge fields of the 1980s with Mark Steinmetz in The Players.

We also talk to W. M. Hunt about collecting photographs; get an introduction to Japanese photobooks from Oliver Wood, and present a newly commissioned short story from Joe Ahearne in response to Martina Hoogland Ivanow's Speedway.

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