Issue 185

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In this issue, we try to decode Paul Salveson’s explosive still lifes in Between the Shell; take a closer look at Bryan Dooley's “start anywhere” approach in Gold Country Real Estate; talk with Clare Strand about her quietly ominous Skirts; explore the mortuaries of America’s Midwest with John Faier in Queen of Heaven, and listen out for the Low Voice in Crude Metaphors with Natasha Berger and Richard Rothman.

Also in H O T S H O E August — September we investigate the emotions of robots in LCC Award winner Luisa Whitton’s What About the Heart?; and contemplate parental mortality with award winner Lydia Goldblatt’s Still Here. Plus A. D. Coleman’s Letter From New York and reviews of the ICP Triennial, the Nikon Coolpix A and Broomberg and Chanarin’s The Holy Bible.