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Edition No. 2 Todd Hido

Edition No. 2 Todd Hido

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 ‘One of my most vivid darkroom memories is when I had the incredible good luck to take a workshop taught by Roy DeCarava. I would bring the tray out of the darkroom to show him a print, still glossy, dripping wet and smelling of fixer, and he would always say, "Darker, Todd. Make it darker." And I would! But every one of those iterations was a commitment: not just a quick slide of a digital range closer towards black on a computer, but physically setting up and printing an entirely new image, and then slowly watching it develop, all while waiting to see if the new version would be dark enough.’

  – Todd Hido

In conversation with Darius Himes, September 2023, Hotshoe Issue 210

Todd Hido's photographs have been exhibited internationally, and are included in numerous museum collections, including the Whitney Museum of Art, New York; Guggenheim Museum, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

From the series A Road Divided.

Printed by the artist on Hahnemuhle Baryta rag paper, in a limited edition of 20, each 10" x 8" photograph comes signed and numbered.

Also included is Issue 210: Todd Hido.

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