Crude Metaphors

Harley Weir: Sea Change

  • Weightless, a child’s christening dress floats in front of a net-curtained window, hanging in space in breathless air. The image, contained in a yellow Perspex box, emits an unearthly glow. Another image is of the same modest parlour with the same gauzy drapes before which a man’s arm extends, his hand gripping a jagged, wooden log that dangles in the foreground in some not entirely possible way.Another is of the back of the head of an elderly woman, her shiny grey hair held back with a slide; the shoulders stooped but strong, looking full square ahead at a blank, black wall.A re-photographed image of 60s vintage, itself reproduced three times and stacked in a clear Perspex frame, is of a sweet shy girl [...]

  • "I believe that nothing can be more abstract, more unreal, than what we actually see. We know that all we can see of the objective world, as human beings, never really exists as we see and understand it. Matter exists, of course, but has no intrinsic meaning of its own, such as the meanings that we attach to it. We can know only that a cup is a cup, that a tree is a tree." Giorgio Morandi, 1958 Vivianne Sassen’s Pikin Slee comprises of observational photographs with occasional artistic intervention. Black and white, simple yet perplexing, they are a refined set of images that take us back to the basic devices of photography and visual perception. Though geometric and abstract, the formal overture of this work shades a more [...]

  • What is it that causes some of us to collect, to hoard, to bring objects that we love into our lives and keep hold of them? Gregory Barker spoke at length to New York based collector, William Hunt about his compulsion to collect beautiful, heart-stopping photographs.GB: Gregory Barker WMH: W.M. HuntGB: Has collecting always been in your blood? Did you collect cigarette cards or matchbox cars as a child? WMH: I collected records, theatre programmes, books, I’ve always just been a paper whore. We are renovating and I have boxes full of books, there are probably 3500 books and I don’t know how to handle them, it’s overwhelming. I know if you have the collecting thing, if you talk to someone who doesn’t have it, they think you’re nuts. They [...]

  • Diorama Map Tokyo 2014, © Sohei Nishino, courtesy Michael Hoppen GalleryIn a new exhibition of his ongoing series, Diorama Maps, Sohei Nishino manually collates thousands of individual images photographed from around the cities of Berlin, New Delhi, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Bern, all hand stitched from 35mm contact sheets and then re-photographed.  Presenting the city from a seemingly infinite number of viewpoints, the city is displayed as a site where space and time become compressed on a single canvas.  Much like the distorted geography of a subway map, the artist’s subjective impression of traveling the city as an outsider for a month at a time questions the city as a space which can ever be objectively mapped to conform to geographic accuracy.  In a world in which unimaginable [...]
  • In the middle of november, Paris, becomes for all things photographic, check out our round up of the best things to get involved with throughout the city. WED 12TH- Paris Photo private view. - Polycopies (book market) opens from 12:00, w/ P.V./from 8:00-  runs until Sat. Held on boat ‘Bateau Concorde Atlantique’ at Pont Royal. - Kraftwerk will perform its entire body of work in the auditorium of the Foundation over the course of eight consecutive evenings. THE CATALOGUE 12345678, synchronised with a spectacular projection of 3D images.’ @ Fondation Louis Vuitton until the 14th.- Projection conference  @ Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, 18:00(Image BILL HENSON) THURS 13TH - Photographer Hans Eijkelboom in conversation w publisher Erik Kessels @ Colette, 5p.m. (coupled with the opening night and book signing for their exhibition of his work, which includes ‘People of the Twenty-First [...]
  • This Halloween we present to you the work of Alexander Binder - a self-taught photographer who for the past few years has been producing photographs of things that go bump in the night. Zak Dimitrov: Your images are incredibly atmospheric, perhaphs even mystical. Tell us more about yourself and how you became involved with photography?Alexander Binder: The mystical and eerie character of my images probably has to  do with the place where I grew up. I was born in the Black Forest, a rural area in South-west Germany. Fairytales, fables and old traditions play an important role in the local culture. These stories about giants, demons and witches caught my attention when I was a child and they are still my favorite source of inspiration.My introduction to photography was rather unspectacular. [...]